EFT for Excessive Behavior

Excessive behavior can be linked to the disproportionate use of a substance like food, alcohol, drugs, cigarette. Excessive behavior may also involve an activity such as sex, gambling, shopping or exercise. From the perspective of Energy Psychology, when you engage in an excessive behavior, you are attempting to soothe an unresolved emotion or trauma. Instead, we use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to soothe the emotional trauma and the need to engage in excessive behaviors subsides.

  • Has the behavior I’m concerned about caused any problems with family members?
  • Have they said anything or do I hide my behavior from them?
  • Has it caused and problems on the job?
  • Have I missed work or not done the job I’m capable of doing because of my excessive behavior?
  • Have I neglected my friendships or hidden my behavior from them?
  • Have any of my friends expressed concern about my behavior?
  • Has my behavior caused me to have legal problems or have I been lucky (for example driving under the influence of alcohol and not being stopped or shoplifting and not being caught)?
  • Does my excessive behavior cause me emotional distress or physical problems?
  • Is there any history in my ‘blood’ family of anyone who has exhibited excessive behavior?

By determining the impact, or consequences of your behavior you can begin to determine if it is a problem and take steps to heal the foundational emotional issues associated with the behavior. Using EFT, we are not suggesting that you use willpower to force yourself to avoid unresourceful behavior, but to calm the disruption in your subtle energy system so that engaging in the behavior has less urgency.

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