Welcome! I’m Loretta Sparks. I am a licensed therapist giving personal and group sessions in the Los Angeles area for more than forty years. I want to invite you to the effective knowledge I’ve acquired for relieving mental burdens no matter the intensity. Emotional roadblocks affect every aspect of our lives including our bodies, relationships and our success.

Click to Purchase “Stress Relief with EFT” eBook $9.95 usd – Download “Self Relief with EFT” is a compact guide that will give you the tools to understand and evaluate stress that has accumulated over the years and its current impact on you. Also in this handy guide is the Stress Level Rating Scale, which provides a unique way to assess your behavioral response to stress. Particularly useful for people who are use to living with stress and are not aware of their stressors until they feel fried.

What makes it good news? STRESS can be reduced, eliminated, resolved, in other words dealt with. When SELF CARE becomes the center of your healthy life focus you are actively in service of your emotional and physical health. And that is what this website is all about, SELF CARE. What it is and isn’t!! How to get it and keep it! How the experience of SELF CARE empowers your life with a balanced understanding of your needs and the needs of others.

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