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The Power of Self Care

How do you know if you take reasonable care of yourself? Well, odds are if you do take good care of yourself, you don’t often relate to words like, worried, troubled, uneasy, anxious pressured, ill at ease, disturbed, concerned, distressed, restless, nervous, uncomfortable, overwhelmed and panicky. These words all describe various degrees of stress, which […] Read more

How To EFT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Process Designed to be completely user friendly, Emotional Freedom Techniques invites you to take charge of your own emotional healing. EFT is based on the principles of acupuncture and acupressure. You tap on selected points while focusing your attention on specific physical or emotional reactions to events (whether past or […] Read more

Personal Peace Procedure

The EFT Personal Peace Procedure is the key to freeing yourself from the pain of the unresolved adverse experiences from the past. It is the healing centerpiece of EFT. It allows you to clean out a lifetime of accumulated emotional debris, reducing and eventually eliminating negative self-image and self-doubt. As you eliminate major contributors to […] Read more

The Movie Technique

  A mental movie must be of a SPECIFIC EVENT. It has a specific: • Beginning and end in time. • Plot and people involved. • Words & Actions The mental movie helps you avoid being too global. Example: “My father always abused me,” is too global. You need to pick a particular event that […] Read more

Stress Relief with EFT

Click here to Purchase “Stress Relief with EFT” eBook $9.95 usd – Download only Self Relief with EFT is a compact guide that will give you the tools to understand and evaluate stress that has accumulated over the years and its current impact on you. Also, in this handy guide is the Stress Level Rating Scale, which […] Read more

EFT for Excessive Behavior

Excessive behavior can be linked to the disproportionate use of a substance like food, alcohol, drugs, cigarette. Excessive behavior may also involve an activity such as sex, gambling, shopping or exercise. From the perspective of Energy Psychology, when you engage in an excessive behavior, you are attempting to soothe an unresolved emotion or trauma. Instead, […] Read more

Addiction and 12-Steps Support

Overcoming addiction is one of the greatest challenges a person can face.  Often it requires every tool available: medical support, social support family support, psychotherapy and persistence.  EFT augments and supports treatment at every step in the recovery process.  It reduces stress and anxiety; it treats trauma and other negative emotions, without retraumatization; it eliminates […] Read more

Stress and Stress Resolution with EFT

The more stress we are experiencing in our lives, the more our health, vitality and wellbeing are compromised. According to the principles of Energy Psychology, this is because all types of stress – Past, Present and Future Environmental stress – create an imbalance and disruption in the body’s subtle energy system. These imbalances can be […] Read more

Emotional Freedom Technique and Family Stress

In this video, Loretta Sparks demonstrates how to deal with family stress by using the Emotional Freedom Technique […] Read more

An Example of Emotional Freedom Technique

Over the years people have asked me how I first learned about EFT and why did I move my focus to using it in my practice. The story I’m going to share with you is about my EFT first client. It was published in Counselor Magazine, December 2009 Sally was sitting in front of me […] Read more