Stress and Stress Resolution with EFT

The more stress we are experiencing in our lives, the more our health, vitality and wellbeing are compromised. According to the principles of Energy Psychology, this is because all types of stress – Past, Present and Future Environmental stress – create an imbalance and disruption in the body’s subtle energy system. These imbalances can be corrected with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
We often fail to notice the effects of stress. Or we fail to associate our physical and emotional symptoms with the insidious impact of the daily stressors in our lives. By addressing stress with EFT, not only can we reduce the impact that common stressors have on our mind, body and spirit, but also alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

Whether your personal stressors involve money, work, family, personal concerns or your personal health and safety, EFT presents a singular solution to reducing the energetic impact that stress makes on your physical and emotional health. Rather than waiting to become ill and overwhelmed before taking action against stress, consider Stress Resolution treatment and/or workshops with Loretta Sparks

However, if you are already feeling the physical and emotional manifestations of stress – and are among the 85% of Americans seeking medical care for stress related health problems, Stress Resolution work is necessary. We can work together to identify the impact of the stressors in your life and use EFT to systematically eliminate the physical and emotional manifestations. Within a few sessions you are likely to feel an enhanced sense of calm, and a resolution of physical symptoms as well as a sense of resilience in the face of your stressors.

While we may not be able to change the reality of the stressors in your life, we are likely to reduce the physical and emotional impact of past and present environmental stress and positively prepare you for future stressors.

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