The Movie Technique


A mental movie must be of a SPECIFIC EVENT. It has a specific:

• Beginning and end in time.

• Plot and people involved.

• Words & Actions

The mental movie helps you avoid being too global. Example: “My father always abused me,” is too global. You need to pick a particular event that stood out regarding you father abusing you. Example: “The first time my father beat me with a belt.” When the mental movie technique is focus on the most intense aspect of the problem, the effectiveness of EFT is greatly increased. Remember: “For results to be terrific, you need to be specific.”

The Movie

Pick a specific event you want to work on. What is the most difficult, aspect of this event? Imagine it as a mental movie.

• What would the title be if the most difficult aspect of the event were the movie, how long would it last?

• Run the movie in you mind and rate its intensity Now (0 to 10).

IMPORTANT! If event is too disturbing to run, put it aside until you get assistance from an EFT Practitioner. XXXXXX

What is the title of your movie? ______________________________

Intensity Right Now (0-10)? ____________How long is your movie? ____

Who is involved? ______________________________________________

Any words or actions that stand out? _______________________________

Any specific feelings stand out? ___________________________________

Any sights, smells, sounds, motions that stand out?____________________

While focusing on the Movie title follow the EFT Protocol.

The Setup

The Setup begins with the creation of a two-part statement known as the Setup statement. The Setup statement includes the specific issue you identified along with a statement of self-acceptance. The form for the Setup is simple:

“Even though _______, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

So for your issue you might say

“Even though my dad hit me with a belt, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Create a Reminder phrase: “Dad hitting me with a belt” or “the belt”

Remember to use whatever specific detail causes the most intense reaction for you. Focus on one specific issue. Say the Setup statement three times while continuously tapping on the Setup Point.

The Setup Point

The Setup Point is on the fleshy side of either hand, the place where your fingers wrap someone else’s when you shake hands, this the Karate Chop point.
After saying your Setup statement three times while continually tapping the Karate Chop point you are ready to move on to the Tapping Sequence.


The tapping sequence is accomplished by saying a Reminder Phrase, based on your Setup, as you tap about seven times on each of the tapping points. Tapping seven times on each point in the sequence while continually saying the Reminder Phrase constitutes one round of EFT. You tap as many rounds as needed to lower the intensity you feel while you think about the original issue. So, for instance, if the detail of your bad day that has the most intensity for you is the upset feeling in your stomach, and you measure the intensity, originally, at an 8, you will tap, beginning at the top of head, saying “This upset stomach.” Move through one or two rounds, tapping each point with the phrase, “this upset stomach,” then measure again. If the intensity has not dropped to a comfortable level, for instance, below a 3, continue with more rounds or move to an alternate technique.

The Points

The following series of points are located on both sides of the body, so you can use two or three fingers to tap the points on either side of your body.

  • Top of the Head point is about a finger’s width behind the exact crown of the head. Many people can feel a slight depression or tenderness there.
  • Eyebrow point is at the tip of the eyebrow near the nose, on the bone. Both sides of the body are used.
  • Side of Eye point is at the outside tip of the eyebrow. Both sides of the body are used.
  • Under the Eye point is on the top of the cheekbones underneath and in line with the pupil.
  • Under the Nose point is in the indentation between the nose and upper lip.
  • Chin point is in the crease between the bottom lip and the chin.
  • Collarbonepoint is the soft spot about an inch toward the outside ofthe body from the hollow V shape at the base of the neck, just off thesternum (breast bone), just under the collarbone.
  • Under the Armpoint is about a hand’s-breadth below the armpit.Both sides of the body are used. For some people who are chemically dependent, this spot can drive up distress so you may delete this spot if needed.
  • Rib point is also called the Liver point. It is between the 6th and 7th ribs in line with the nipple (for women, it’s about where the bra band would be).
  • Thumb point is at the base of the nail bed on the side of the thumb toward the body.
  • Index Finger point is at the base of the nail bed on the side of the index finger toward the body.
  • Middle Finger point is at the base of the nail bed on the side of the middle finger toward the body.
  • Little Fingerpoint is at the base of the nail bed on the side of the baby finger toward the body.

Remaining Issues

When you’ve finished a few rounds, but the intensity has not fallen to zero, you may wish to tap another round or two modifying the Reminder Phrase to focus on the remaining issue:

“This REMAINING memory of.”

You may also repeat the Setup, tapping the Karate Chop point or Sore Spot, with a modified Setup:

“Even though, I STILL have some of this REMAINING memory of my dad hitting me with a belt….”

Begin a new round of tapping with this new Reminder Phrase, continuing until the intensity measures 0.

The 9 Gamut

The 9 Gamut is a quick technique designed to help balance the brain by providing both left and right brain activity. You can add it at the end of a sequence when the intensity is low, but still hasn’t dropped to 0.

Begin by tapping the 9 Gamut point.

• The 9 Gamut Point is on the back of the hand about a half inch below the spot indention between the knuckle of the little finger and the knuckle of the ring finger.

While continuously tapping this spot, hold the head still, looking straight ahead, and perform the following nine movements:

  • Eyes closed
  • Eyes open
  • Eyes sharp down to the right
  • Eyes sharp down to the left
  • Roll eyes in clockwise
  • Roll eyes counterclockwise
  • Hum a tune for 5 seconds
  • Count to 5
  • Hum again for 5 secondsReassessmentWhen you feel as if the distress may be gone, test by running your Movie again to review the details. As you review the story, monitor your level of distress. If you are working by yourself, you can imagine the movie silently or pretend you are telling someone about it. If the distress increases to 2 or 3,

while running the Movie stop and do the tapping sequence again until it is 0, then continue to the end of the story. Any time you feel a rise in your feeling of stress, stop and tap until it tests at 0.

Loretta Sparks 1996. 310 374-0440

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