Welcome and discover the power of Self Care!

Self Care Power is about emotional fitness through personal empowerment and living your best life. We relieve the #1 threat to the world’s emotional and physical health – Stress! And we teach the most effective method for relieving any kind of stress, anxiety or addiction. Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT.

EFT, partnered with insight into our compulsions effectively delivers a more cognitive and potent brand of EFT. Self Care Power will show you how! Video presentations and articles beautifully delivered by 27 year licensed therapist, teacher and EFT Founding Master Loretta Sparks will bring power to your Self Care with EFT.

  • Relieve the stress that drains your mental & physical health.
  • We are EFT centric because EFT works! Learn from an expert.
  • Wonderful for advanced practitioners looking for extra potency.
  • Fantastic for EFT beginners by adding focus to cognitive skills.
  • Clear Insights into why we over-indulge and binge on anything.
  • Address smoking, food issues, traumatic memories and more!

Hi, I’m Loretta Sparks and I’m so glad you’ve made your way to SelfCarePower.com! I want to welcome you to my new site and what will be the repository for delivering all the “effective” knowledge I’ve acquired for relieving mental burdens no matter the intensity. This, subsequently improves our physical health too! Emotional roadblocks affect every aspect of our lives including our bodies, relationships and our success. Our total health is from our minds foremost and ultimately the power of our Self Care. In turn, we exemplify expert care-giving by passing this knowledge forward. Ourselves and everyone we care for gets healthy and thrives!

The Power Of Self Care

How do you know if you take reasonable care of yourself? Well, odds are if you do take good care of yourself, you don’t often relate to words like, worried, troubled, uneasy, anxious pressured, ill at ease, disturbed, concerned, distressed, restless, nervous, uncomfortable, overwhelmed and panicky. These words all describe various degrees of stress, which is the single greatest health hazard we face today.

The Power of EFT

What makes it good news? STRESS can be reduced, eliminated, resolved, in other words dealt with. When SELF CARE becomes the center of your healthy life focus you are actively in service of your emotional and physical health. And that is what this website is all about, SELF CARE. What it is and isn’t!! How to get it and keep it! How the experience of SELF CARE empowers your life with a balanced understanding of your needs and the needs of others.

Stress takes it emotional toll on us to be sure, but it also is incredibly destructive to our bodies. It causes 95% of the illnesses for which we seek medical care . As hard as it is to believe it’s true. 95% of the illness that we see doctors for is stress induced. While that’s really bad news, it’s also a powerful piece of good news.